Surviving Off This Shit

The hardest part about this all is the constant brain fog and feeling “not in sync” with the pace of the world at all. I have come to accept this is something I have to face if I’m to quit this drug. It’s going to take a while to feel “as motivated as I once was”, which is something I don’t have much memories of after being hooked for 4 years now.

I just need to remember to take each day at a time. Simple tasks will be excessively draining. Every part of me will be screaming to cure all the lethargy with a pill. I know where that leads. I’m sick of feeling trapped in a cycle, and it’s time I am manning up and learning how to achieve things in my life without a pill. That’s going to require some self-discipline, which is the real only way, but is by no means easy.

I’ll keep this blog updated with what’s up every week or so. Eventually, my hope is to make this a great place for resources on harm reduction with Adderall use or quitting if you have a problem or are finding Adderall is causing problems in your life. As of now, I am still in the midst of quitting myself, as my life is on the verge of falling apart if I don’t. I find that even having this blog to look back on myself reminds me of why I need to do this, and I hope it helps you too.

Always feel free to contribute a story to the blog!