‘My Last’ Adderall Binge

Unfortunately, I have relapsed since posting this. Wish me luck.

My final Adderall binge, EVER.

After being addicted to Adderall for 2.5 years now, I have seen past the rosy-cheeked aura of Adderall. I have hallucinated and gone sleepless for over 100 straight hours. I have seen the shadow people. But even worse, I have seen this pill slowly kill my soul. I find myself always thinking, “Adderall! Adderall! Adderall!” and not thinking about what really should matter most in my life. I’m serious about getting off speed after this binge. Restful Christmas and a appetite-full New Year.


30mg Adderall XR My Speed of Choice


Why I’m Quitting for Good

I have tried several times to just take my pills as prescribed, but once I begin to feel the speed, there is no stopping an adderaholic. I’ve spent countless hours pondering the situation, and have finally accepted the fact that I cant take amphetamine responsibly. I am an addict, and I must quit by making this my last script; by making 2015 end with my addiction.

After quitting Adderall a few times for more than 30 days, I have come to realize the withdrawal itself brings me fatigue, slight depression, and no motivation for maybe 1-2 weeks. That part is the easy part. What’s tough is the middle-of-the-night dreams about Adderall. The countless times I tell myself, “this would be so much better on Adderall,” or, “you’re not half the person you are on the addies.” The psychological addiction persists much longer, and that will present the biggest challenge. But enough sappy shit. I’m ready to do this, now on to having myself one more binge. Let’s get fucking spun!


^ me currently

The Last 7 Days

I awoke this morning around 11:00, having slept a solid 11 hours for the first time since last Monday, when I picked up the month’s usual Adderall script. It’s always 28 30mg XR capsules. While I was paying at the pharmacy counter, I kept telling myself, “This time you can do it. You can manage taking your meds as prescribed.” Not surprisingly, I was as delusional as any tweaker regarding my self-control.

Throughout the time since my last script I have pulled 3 all-nighters doing coding and playing video games. During all that I managed to have a productive work day and aced the shit out of my accounting exam. Tonight, exactly one week later I have 7 capsules left. I took one late this morning to get me going for my chemistry exam, then crushed and parachuted another 30 milligrams, once at 4, and once at 9.

30mg oral          11:00 AM
30mg crushed    4:00 PM
30mg crushed    9:00 PM

12:08 AM
I was feeling the comedown hard even after my 6 PM dose kicked in. I decided tonight would be the night for the beginning of the end of my speed-freakin days. Around 10:30 PM, I popped 2 30mg XRs, which have kicked in being that it’s just past midnight now. I am ready for the night ahead, that’s a given.

60mg oral        11:00 PM
60mg oral        12:50 AM
60mg oral          9:32 AM

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